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Zip Line Omis

Zip Lining Experience

You want to know about the zip line in Omis, Croatia? Where do I start?

Well, as some of you may already know, I was travelling in Croatia as part of an organised tour with Sail Croatia. The end of my trip on board the Almissa boat brought me into Split. Just a few miles outside of Split lies a town called Omiš where the Cetina River meets the Adriatic Sea. And the river carves its way through a truly beautiful canyon.

Zip Lining Facts and Stats

In total there are 8 wires varying in length and gradient. The highest is also the longest so rest assured if you can conquer that one you can conquer the rest. The first line is 150m above sea level and totals 700m in length. And honestly, it does feel like you’re in the air a long time. In total you will travel 2100m over the Cetina River and through the canyon.

Zip Lining in Omis Croatia

What To Expect

For 400 kuna per person you will get minibus tranportation up to the top of the canyon, get given your safety equipment and taught how to use the break on a mini practice line. Two guides will accompany you from start to finish and then drive you back to the office in Omiš.

The rocky terrain can be a little tricky so wear sensible footwear and remember a bottle of water. You will also want a backpack as all your personal items are going to be travelling with you.

Scared of Heights?

Me too!

I’ll admit that I’ve never done a huge amount to test my fear of heights, but stepping off an abseil tower as a child and occasional peering over cliff edges has taught me I’ve never wanted to test it.

So when our tour guide Vedran mentioned zip lining as an excursion at the end of the trip I’d already written it off. But as it turned out, loads of people from the boat wanted to do the zip lining and encouraged me to join them. And before I knew it I was in the minibus on the way up the mountain.

And thank God I can be so easily persuaded, because zip lining in Omiš was probably the highlight of my whole Croatian experience. It took nerve, and the prospect of stepping off the edge was truly frightening. But the thought of it is so much worse than it really is. You just need to switch your mind off. Easier said than done. I tried to film one of the instructors going down but my hand was shaking so badly the footage was unusable. But if you can control your fear and take a leap of faith you will find it so rewarding. There is no other way to see these views or to really appreciate the beauty of the Cetina River without doing this. And the feeling of satisfaction after having conquered your fear is like no other.

Zip Lining in Omis Croatia

For more info head straight to Zipline Croatia’s website.

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