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Where To Stay in Athens

Best Area To Stay in Athens, Greece

Earlier this year I booked a trip to Greece. Therefore I spent a little while researching where to stay in Athens. I’d only be there for three days but accommodation can really make or break any trip. Whenever I stay anywhere I like to know that it’s safe and central. Those are the two at the top of my list.

A quick Google search of where to stay in Athens will bring up several different regions – Koukaki, Makrianni, Monastiraki, Plaka, Syntagma and Thission. However, having now returned from my visit I would say there are really only three places you want to consider staying. Those three are Plaka, Monastiraki and Syntagma.

Staying in Plaka

Plaka is very central. You could not possibly be any closer to the Acropolis entrance and museum. The district known as Plaka is nestled right under the hill of the Acropolis. Plaka is one of the classier and more expensive parts of Athens. You’ll pay more here for accommodation and for meals at restaurants, but you do get what you pay for. And there are always cheaper alternatives to hotels such as Airbnb and hostels. This is the path I chose to go down.

I stayed in an Airbnb where the main street of restaurants are. My apartment was above a restaurant called Liondi. It had two bedrooms, was spacious, and was exactly as described.

Staying in Plaka was great because it meant everything was within walking distance. Of course Athens has a great metro system but if I can get away without using transport I’d rather. Partly for ease and partly for sustainable travel purposes. If I can make a smaller impact on the world by making little choices then I’m going to.

Places to stay in Athens - Plaka street

Accommodation in Syntagma

On the flip side, if you’re looking for somewhere central, with excellent transport links then Syntagma is the place to be. Syntagma is where the main bus stop for the airport is. So if you’re flying from Athens you’re likely to want to track down the X95 bus stop right outside Parliament Square. This journey takes about 45 minutes but does get incredibly busy the closer you get to the airport so try and find a seat early on!

Syntagma is also a great place to stay because it’s unlike anywhere else in Athens. The buildings are architecturally magnificent. It has the air of being a place of great importance.

Every Sunday at 11am you will see the changing of the guard in national dress outside the Parliament building. This often creates quite a crowd so get there 15 minutes early to get a spot near the front!

Staying in Monastiraki

Monastiraki is probably the most popular place to stay in Athens. There’s a large number of hostels, hotels and Airbnbs to choose from, most with brilliant views of the Acropolis. Monastiraki square is a great hub of activity. As well as being the centre of the flea market, there are restaurants, bars and a main entrance to the metro. Staying in Monastiraki you will find all of the main tourist attractions within walking distance (maximum 30 mins).

Places to stay in Monastiraki

Best Places To Stay in Athens For Nightlife

Although there are lots of restaurants in Plaka, it’s Monastiraki and Psyri that come alive at night. Not only is Monastiraki square teaming with people until the early hours but the streets in South Psyri are full of themed bars definitely worth a visit. This bar pictured below called ‘Little Kook’ changes it’s theme on a regular basis so one day it’ll be Mary Poppins, the next Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and expect great things from Halloween and Christmas too!

Where to stay in Athens - Little Kooks Bar Psyri