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Visiting Dubrovnik

What To Do When Visiting Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a lot going for it. Anyone can see why it’s so popular with tourists. Visiting Dubrovnik I found so much to see, more than I could cram into a mere day. There’s a simple answer for that – I will definitely be returning for a second visit one day.

The Old Town

The Old City was where I started my Croatian adventure and it was definitely one of my favourite places. When I arrived I was overwhelmed by the beauty of The Old Town. There are restaurants tucked down the tiniest of alleys, jewellery shops selling the most gorgeous pendants, fruit trees galore, and lanterns and shutters to die for. I was probably only ten minutes into visiting Dubrovnik and I was already in love with the place.

Walking The City Walls

The steps up to the City Walls are the first things you see if you enter from the west side. The walls themselves are impressive and you can walk the entire distance for 200 Kuna. Within the walls are hundreds of narrow streets and miniature alleyways laden with coffee shops and restaurants, sweet shops and bakeries. I even found a bar on the rocks outside of the city walls, virtually balancing on the cliff edge with lively music and drinks flowing. If you don’t mind the precarious setting I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon. Gin and tonic please!

There are both ‘Walking Tours’ and ‘Game of Thrones Tours’ of the city. The walking tours focus on the history of the city, whereas the ‘Game of Thrones Tour’ talks you through the filming of the show, but both should gain you access to the city walls without an extra fee.

The Cable Car

A 4 minute cable car takes you 778 meters up to a plateau where you can enjoy the views of the city and can dine at the aptly named Restaurant Panorama. Or you can hike to the top, but be warned, it’s quite a climb. Then again, if you’ve been travelling in Croatia for any length of time you’re probably used to hills. If you’re visiting Dubrovnik this is an absolute must-see! You won’t find another view like it.

Kayaking in Dubrovnik

The kayaking excursions are very popular and I can see why. There is a morning expedition, a lunchtime expedition and a sunset option as well. The route allows you to see the Old Town and the port from the sea but also takes you around a nearby island called Otok Lokrum. Prepare yourself for fabulous views but also a little bit of hard work. Sea kayaking can be hard on the arms. But what better way to see the city than from atop the crystal clear water? If you’re visiting Dubrovnik you’ll definitely want to add kayaking to your travel itinerary.

City walls

Visiting Dubrovnik’s Old Port

When visiting Dubrovnik you cannot miss out the port, literally. If you walk straight, to the end of the main street, there is an archway which leads you through to the port. Lots of boat trips leave from here so if you fancy seeing the city from the sea (without having to kayak) then there are some great options. Lots of different companies offer the same kinds of trips but for slightly different prices so it’s worth shopping around and talking to more than one person. There are also excursions to other islands, and of course, The Blue Cave.

If you walk up the path, past a few outdoor art galleries, you will find a walkway in and out of the city to the east. Here is the perfect photo opportunity of the whole port.

Dubrovnik Old Port

Returning to The Walled City

This is a city I will definitely be returning to as I feel like I didn’t have long enough to explore everywhere I wanted to. It was my first trip travelling on my own and I think that made it all the more special. It has also been an experience which has inspired me to do more and more on my own.

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