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Travelling Solo in Greece

Travelling Alone in Greece

Travelling solo in Greece was only the second time I’d ever gone on travelling solo. Earlier in the year I embarked on my first solo trip and spent time travelling Croatia with tour company Sail Croatia. (I do have a separate post about that if you’re interested in checking it out!) It was an experience that changed me. And I know that sounds a little cliche but before that I had no confidence to travel on my own. I’d never really done anything on my own. I’d never gone for a meal alone, or to the cinema alone, or even for a drive to the coast by myself. But in Croatia something suddenly occurred to me. And that’s that you might not know anyone on day one but you are never alone. With 7.7 billion people on the planet you are never really ‘travelling solo’.

I’d dipped my toe into the water (excuse the pun) by travelling solo to Croatia. Now I wanted to dive headfirst into another beautiful country. (Ok, puns totally intended). But I wanted another adventure, travelling solo in Greece.

My Trip To Greece

I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. Back in the days of holiday brochures I remember seeing pictures of Corfu so beautiful that they looked like another planet. And now on Instagram, Mykonos and Santorini especially, seem to be the latest photographer’s paradise. I wanted to see some Greek islands but I also wanted to see Athens, Greece’s famous capital city.

After weeks of research and indecisiveness, I booked a 6 day island hopping experience on a sailing yacht with Aussie owned tour company Medsailors. For this trip I needed to fly in and out of Athens anyway so it made sense to bolt on a few days at the end of my trip to see the sites. I’d read about the Acropolis of Athens and was desperate to walk the famous cobbled streets. I was excited to wake up in the morning on a yacht and dive into the ocean, to taste traditional Greek food at local tavernas and bask in some September sunshine. My trip ticked all of those boxes.

Travelling solo in Greece - stood next to the Acropolis

Female and Travelling Solo in Greece?

Sometimes people think I’m crazy for travelling on my own. It’s something that still doesn’t seem overly mainstream. At least not in the sleepy South Western town I am from. So when I said I was going travelling solo in Greece I noticed a few raised eyebrows. “Female, and travelling solo in Greece? Really?” I suppose people were worried about my safety. Which I can understand and appreciate, but in Greece I felt safe.

As a solo female traveller I do always have my guard up to some extent. I’m well aware that not everyone in life has the of best intentions and it’s a good idea to take some precautions. But having said that, I found Greek people to be some of the nicest I’ve come across. The thing is, Greece relies on their tourist industry. Without travellers their economy just would not function. So of course the waiters are more than happy to seat you at a table with a smile, the tour guides will go over and above and the taxi drivers are chatty. They need us for income. But it’s more than that. I genuinely felt welcomed. I almost felt at home travelling solo in Greece. And especially in Athens you’re just never alone. The city is a buzz of activity. There’s no such thing as a dark alley. If there are you’re definitely staying in the wrong place. (If you’re not sure check out my post on where to stay in Athens!)

Where Can I Go Solo in Greece?

Really the answer is anywhere. However, Greece is a big place so I’ll give you a headstart. If you’re new to travelling solo or fancy an easy way to make some friends then I highly recommend joining a tour. I travelled with Medsailors but I’ve also heard Intrepid and G-Adventures do some good tours. I’ve heard less good things about Contiki but I suppose it’s a personal preference thing. Most of these companies will give you a tour of the Saronic islands, like I did, the Ionian islands or the Cyclades. The Cyclades are probably the most on trend at the moment – everyone wants that Instagram shot in Santorini with the blue rooftops in the background.

If a tour isn’t your thing but travelling solo in Greece is then perhaps try staying in a hostel in Athens, especially if you’re travelling on a budget. Athens Studios has a good reputation and it’s in such a good location, right next to the Acropolis. Go to the hostel bar and you’ll be sure to make friends.

Travel Advisories For Greece

Fortunately there aren’t many advisories but if you are travelling solo in Greece then be sure to plan your routes and your transportation. The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere or unsure how to get from A to B. It’s also advisable to take mosquito spray, especially in Athens as there has been a recent outbreak of West Nile Virus. And as always, be careful when alcohol and the ocean are involved. Too many alcohol related incidents happen abroad and you never know when you might need your wits about you. You never know when someone who can’t swim might fall into the sea. Yes, my friends and I saved a man from drowning during a night out. No, I can’t quite believe that that happened either…

What Did I Really Make of Travelling Solo in Greece?

Travelling solo in Greece was an all round great experience. If you’re relatively new to solo travel then it’s a great destination to start with. Lots of places in Europe suit new solo travellers but Greece in particular has a great atmosphere about it. You’ll definitely meet lots of other solo travellers and there’s so much to do, from watersports to visiting historic sites to drinking and dancing at local tavernas.

Where have you travelled to solo? Let me know!

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