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Travel FAQs

Most Frequent Travel Questions And Answers

From time to time I get asked travel related questions so I thought I’d leave answers to the most common questions below. So here are my travel FAQs.

‘Should I travel solo?’

Absolutely! Honestly I cannot recommend solo travel enough. It can seem daunting and the first time I did a solo trip I didn’t sleep the night before. Travelling alone is daunting because who is there to help if you have a problem? The answer – anyone. People are generally so friendly and helpful.

Travelling by yourself also opens up the opportunity of meeting so many other amazing people doing exactly the same thing, and therefore in the same boat as you are.

And thirdly, you can be selfish. You can do absolutely what you want to do 100% of the time. If you want to go to bed early, you can. If you want to stay up all night, you can. Or you can swim, walk, cycle, hike, kayak, rock climb, eat out or drink in a bar, sit on the beach or relax by the pool all day, the choice is yours. People say they ‘find themselves’ travelling and it’s clichéd but it’s true. How better to get some ‘you’ time than to be completely yourself. And you’re never really by yourself anyway, there’s 7.5 billion people on the planet.

Read more about my first experience travelling on my own here.

‘How much money do I need to travel?’

This is a difficult question to answer as it entirely depends on where you go, the amount of time you plan to travel for and the kind of lifestyle you want to live whilst travelling. It’s totally possible to travel on a budget but might consider a little more planning. Look into methods of public transport and shop around for accommodation that suits your needs and your budget.

‘How can I book cheap flights?’

I get asked this question quite a lot and the answer is simple – comparison websites. My favourite is Skyscanner because it’s so easy to use. The other weekend I even found myself browsing the ‘flights to everywhere’ option for some inspiration and ended up finding flights to Venice, Italy for £12 each way. What a bargain!

For my tips read my post Tips To Book Cheap Flights!

‘Any tips for travelling on a budget?’

Saving a few pennies wherever possible when you’re travelling is ultimately either going to mean you can travel for longer, or you can spend a little extra on things that are more important to you. So, without further ado –

– Pack light and only take liquids under 100ml so you can travel with carry on baggage only wherever possible. Refill your bottles as you go along and pick up free samples wherever possible! Also remember to roll your clothes, you’ll fit more in and they won’t crease!

– Carry washing powder and a washing line to do washing as you go rather than pay for a launderette at each stop.

– Be thrifty with your accommodation. Check Airbnb for cheaper alternatives to hotels. Or if you are using Booking.com then share codes with family, friends and fellow travellers for discounts and cashback.

‘Why did you start a travel blog?’

I started a travel blog back in June of 2019 because I love to travel and had just come back from my first trip as a solo female traveller. Not only did I want my own space to document my travel, think of it as a digital scrapbook, but I also wanted to share and help others. Whenever I’m planning a trip I always turn to Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for help and advice as well as reading the blog posts of others. I wanted to join the community, to share my travels and to help others. The fact that I love writing, love photography and work for a digital marketing agency is just a plus!

Blogging can be fun, time-consuming, stressful and exciting all at the same time. Not everyone is cut out for it and not everyone will enjoy it but right now it is my passion and my soul.

‘What’s your favourite recent destination?’

My favourite destination this year has been my trip to Greece. It was my second ever solo trip, meaning I was a little less nervous than the first time and felt I could properly let my hair down. I travelled with Medsailors visiting different islands in the Saronic Gulf of Greece. I made amazing friends and then continued the trip with them in Athens. Athens was a cultural experience I really enjoyed. If you’re not sure where to head to next summer then I definitely recommend Greece!

Got a question about a specific destination? Take a look at my travel guides!

If you’ve got a question I haven’t answered in these travel FAQs feel free to get in touch!