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Things To Do in Poros

What To Do in Poros

If you’re travelling between the Greek islands then I recommend adding some time in Poros to your travel itinerary. There are plenty of things to do in Poros so you won’t be bored. Like many of the islands in the Saronic Gulf of Greece, Poros is slightly off the beaten track. This makes it the perfect destination if you’re after somewhere not completely overrun with tourists. Which is most of us, right?

Where is Poros?

Poros is very close to mainland Greece and also close to neighbouring islands Aegina and Agistri. Ferries run between Athens and Poros every one to two hours. The journey time by ferry is two and a half hours, or the hydrofoil is only an hour. So if you’re flying in to Athens the island is brilliantly accessible and the neighbouring islands are well worth a visit as well.

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Activities in Poros

Spend Time At The Beach

This beautiful island has all kinds of activities and things to do. Like many of the Greek islands it has amazing beaches, with crystal clear water and cute, quirky beach bars. If you’re looking for a chilled afternoon then I recommend heading to one of the many beaches. Askeli beach in particular is a long beach with beautiful white sand and all the sun loungers and umbrellas you could need. I’m sure in the peak of summer this beach would be busy but in early September in 30 degree weather there was plenty of space to spread out. In fact I thought this beach would be busier because it’s extremely close to the main town and you can sit on a sun lounger with a great view of the water sports going on out at sea.

Take Part in Water Sports

If you’re a little more of the adventurous type then it’s also a great place to take part in water sports. This ended up being one of the highlights of my whole trip. It was the first time I’d attempted any water sports but that didn’t matter. The company Askeli Water Sports coped extremely well with beginners and anyone who was a little more anxious about it, which was a few of us to be honest.

There were loads of different options, all with various pricing. Some of our group went up to do some paragliding, others rode the banana, had a go on the sofa or held onto the biscuits for dear life. I joke. If you’ve ever been on a biscuit, also known as a tube, then you know that’s exactly what it feels like, but in reality, we had all the necessary safety equipment, life jackets etc. and couldn’t have been safer. If you did fall off, the boat comes back to get you. So don’t worry, you won’t be stranded at sea.

Disclaimer: At the same time I would not recommend this activity if you’re not a strong swimmer or have any serious phobias of water.

Poros watersports centre

Take a Walk Around Town

Poros, like most of Greece, can boast some very pretty streets. Lots of the buildings are painted white with pops of colour around the shutters and balconies. The streets are winding and it’s relatively easy to get lost in the residential areas of the town. We started our walk at the port where our boat was docked and ended up back at the same place completely by chance. Though perhaps that says something about our sense of direction.

There are quite a few small boutique shops as well if you fancy a browse. They sell all the traditional gift items such as jewellery, scarves, ornaments and clothing. The other thing that’s plentiful in Poros? Gelato shops! There are so many dotted around boasting more than twenty flavours. I recommend trying some gelato in Greece. No matter where you get it from it’s sure to be good.

There’s something gorgeous about the plants in Greece as well. You’ll notice this when you take a walk down some side streets. I love the way the flowers tumble over balconies and walls, rich pops of fuchsia to line your walk. Greece is well known for it’s white painted buildings and pink Bougainvillea and Poros is an excellent example of this beauty.

Pretty Greek houses

Hike Up To The Clock Tower

If you’re walking around the town or want some mild exercise before dinner then why not head to the clock tower. It’s reasonably well sign posted so easier to find than some other viewing points in Greece. It’s not a particularly taxing walk and the terrain is all pavements so any comfortable shoes will do. From the clock tower you will have an amazing view of the whole bay. Go up at sunset especially and you will be treated to the most magnificent sight.

Poros Flagpole

Where To Eat

This was one of my favourite meals of the whole trip. We went for dinner at a restaurant called Taverna Garden. It was perhaps slightly more expensive than some of the other restaurants we tried during this trip but it was worth every penny. The setting is beautiful. It has a pic-nic garden type vibe with lemon trees overhead and gorgeous gingham tablecloths. They serve a variety of mezze dishes from baked feta to zucchini dumplings. Or, if souvlaki is your thing you won’t be disappointed. And they also have a great selection of fish and seafood on the menu. The prawns in particular are extremely tasty!

Summary of Things To Do in Poros

So if you’re looking for some things to do in Poros, perhaps you’re just visiting for the day or perhaps you’ve got a week planned, you’ll see there’s plenty to do. So much that you won’t get bored. With gorgeous beaches, opportunities for water sports, a town to explore and delightful places to taste traditional Greek cuisine, Poros has everything you need to give you a great Greek experience.

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Things To Do In Poros Greece