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Things To Do in Hydra

Where Is Hydra, Greece?

Hydra is a Greek island nestled in the South of the Saronic Gulf, close to Ermioni on the mainland. It is one of the most beautiful Greek islands in the area with breathtaking views, amazing architecture and so much peace and quiet. Why so quiet I hear you ask? Because the island of Hydra has no motorised vehicles. You can explore the island by foot or there are horses available for trekking.

Travelling to Hydra

You can get to the island by ferry from a number of locations. Most obvious would be from Pireaus, the main port in Athens, and the ferries depart 5 to 6 times a day. The journey lasts between 1 and a half and 2 hours depending on which service you use and the average ticket price is €30. And by the way, if you are coming from Athens I recommend you visit the Acropolis before you head off!

Arriving in Port

When you arrive in Port you will be greeted by an array of restaurants and boutique gift shops. I visited quite a few islands in the area and I can say that Hydra has the most beautiful gift shops of them all. So if you’re a fan of shopping and fancy browsing beautiful jewellery and soft cotton clothing then I suggest you take advantage of it here!

What To Do in Hydra

There are plenty of activities to do on the island, or you can take it easy and have a relaxing day staying local to the Port and perhaps spending time at the beach.

Wander The Beautiful Streets

If you’re the type to enjoy a good wander then these Greek streets have it all. Similar to those in Santorini, many of the buildings are painted white and blue. This is what you imagine when you think of traditional Greek streets, perfect for capturing on camera.

Street in Hydra, Greece

Horse Trekking in Hydra

Without the use of motorised vehicles the uses of horses and donkeys in Hydra is absolutely fundamental to everyday life. Horses are used for everything, from carrying luggage to hotels and guesthouses, to making deliveries to shops and restaurants. The horses lined up at the Port will give you a 10 minute novelty ride around the lower town. Or, you can take part in organised treks through a company called Harriet’s Hydra Horses. They cater for all age ranges and different sized groups. You can go for a 45 minute trek or get a full day’s itinerary planned. Whatever suits you best!

Hike To The Flagpole

If you’re travelling on a budget this is a great free activity. It will also give you the best view in Hydra. It’s not exactly sign posted so it does take some guess work to get the right street to take you to the top. (Is it just me or do there seem to be a lot of dead ends in Greece?) In the warm weather it’s a little taxing but knowing there’s a swim waiting for you at the bottom definitely keeps you going.

Hydra flagpole

Wait, did someone say swimming?

Swimming in Hydra

The best place for a swim is in between two cocktail bars, just round the corner from the port. You don’t even need to buy drinks to make use of this swim stop so if you’re travelling on a budget this is a great option. Between the two bars, Spilia Beach Club and Sunset Restaurant, is a cave only visible from the sea. It’s a small cave and technically there is a sign hanging which says you’re not supposed to swim in it, but it is worth seeing and taking the risk on a calm day.

There’s also a beautiful beach further round the corner if you keep walking away from the port. This would likely be a little quieter as the bars attract a lot of swimmers.

Climb Mount Eros

If you’re a keen adventurer then you might consider hiking up Mount Eros. You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness, good walking shoes and plenty of water but the views are spectacular. If you go early morning the sunrise is definitely worth seeing and there’s a Monastery worth a visit on the way up as well.

Places To Eat In Hydra

At the end of your day in Hydra you’ll most likely be on the hunt for some traditional Greek cuisine. The best restaurant on the island has got to be Plakostroto Hydra. Personally I love the dreamy decor in this place, and of course the cocktails!

Or, if you’re after some superb Italian food for a change then be sure to check out Il Casta. Known for it’s delicious seafood pasta dishes and great wine, you won’t be disappointed.

Visiting Hydra, Greece

If you’re planning a visit to Hydra then hopefully you’re now fuelled with plenty of ideas of things to do. It really is a beautiful island, one of my favourite Saronic islands of Greece.

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  1. Hydra is a small island but there is definitely no shortage of things to do. This is a charming place since automobiles aren’t allowed. It gives people the sense that you are glimpsing at life the way it was in Greece about 100 years ago.

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