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The Best Travel Sized Toiletries on Amazon

My Favourite Travel Sized Toiletries

Whenever I fly I try to only take hand luggage with me. I like to keep costs down when booking my tickets and reduce the amount of time spent at the airport. Is it just me or does checking in bags and going to baggage reclaim always take SO long? However, travelling with only hand luggage means you’re limited with the amount of liquids you can take. Maximum of 100ml per item and they all have to fit in those annoying resealable plastic bags. So I’ve done some research, I’ve been through my cupboards, and I’ve compiled a list of the best travel sized toiletries on the market.

Phogary Hair Soap

Shampoo bars are the way forwards! Reasons I love this product? It’s not a liquid so easy to travel with and doesn’t take up space in your liquids bag. It’s eco-friendly and does my conscience some good as I’m trying to become a more sustainable traveller. In fact, one bar is equivalent to two plastic bottles of shampoo. It smells amazing! It’s made from all natural ingredients so it’s suitable for sensitive skin and really nourishing for your hair.

Best travel friendly toiletries - Phogany Shampoo Bar

NIP+FAB Face Scrub

Whenever I’m away travelling I still try to keep to my normal skincare routine, which means daily cleansing. What with all the sun cream, salt water, sweat and pollution on holiday it’s important to take care of your skin. This Nip+Fab scrub is one of my favourites. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft and cleans deep into your pores. Only 75ml so pack it in that resealable bag of yours!

Best travel friendly toiletries - nip and fab face scrub

Tangle Teezer

Using a Tangle Teezer has changed my life. I know that sounds a bit over the top but I’m being deadly serious. I spent years tugging through knots with an ordinary brush and damaging my hair. Since switching to the Tangle Teezer a couple of years ago my hair is thicker and fuller. I love this compact version especially as it’s so easy to slip into your bag or take away with you. This has got to be up there with the best travel sized toiletries on the market.

Best travel sized toiletries - tangle teezer pink and black

Malibu Blister Lipbalm SPF 30

If I’m travelling to somewhere warm then sun-care is at the top of my agenda. I always make sure to pack a good sun cream but it’s important not to forget your lips! I get dry lips quite a lot but especially around sun and salt water. This lip balm, with SPF 30 is one of my favourites. It’s definitely on my shopping list if I’m after travel sized toiletries and sun care products.

Best travel sized toiletries - Malibu Lipbalm

Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection SPF 30

Whilst we’re on the topic of sun care, be sure to pack a good sun cream with you. Hawaiian Tropic is my favourite brand because it just smells so damn good. Plus it soaks into the skin like no other. The SPF you’ll need will depend on your destination and your skin type but I always think of SPF 30 as a good middle ground. At 100ml this bottle is the perfect size – big enough for a week long getaway and fits perfectly in your toiletry bag.

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Cream

Batiste Dry Shampoo

If you’re anything like me you don’t wash your hair on a daily basis. Washing your hair too often is actually bad for your hair as you strip it of it’s natural oils. The more you wash it the more you’ll need to wash it and eventually grease and product will clog up your hair’s pores. Plus washing it less often means you get through less shampoo. And I’m too lazy for that kind of thing as well. That’s when dry shampoo became my new best friend. Batiste is probably the market leader so this travel sized version of their classic dry shampoo is really a no-brainer. Give your roots a spray before bed and you’ll wake up looking and feeling fresh!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Cream

Even when I’m travelling I like to keep on top of my skin care routine, which means daily moisturising. Burts Bees hand repair cream is one of my favourites. It’s full of natural ingredients and leaves your skin feeling soft and, yes, you guessed it – actually repaired!

Burts Bees Hand Cream

Travel Bottles

So not exactly a toiletry but these travel bottles have made packing so much easier for me. If you’re travelling on a budget and want to keep costs down then decanting shampoo from bigger bottles into these reusable travel bottles is going to work out so much cheaper than buying disposable miniatures. Same great product – small reusable design. These bottles are completely leak-proof and have a soft, silicone design so you can easily squeeze out those last drops.

Travel bottles

What Travel Sized Toiletries Are In My Travel Bag?

These products are just a few of my favourite travel sized toiletries, perfect for taking abroad. I tend to use my favourite items over and over again, and re-buy when they’re empty. This proves just how much I use them! So if you’re planning a trip make sure you arrive at the airport ready, complete with travel sized toiletries and a resealable plastic bag!

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