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Pros and Cons of Sailing Holidays

Should I Travel By Sailboat?

If you’re in the midst of researching holidays and wondering what are the pros and cons of sailing holidays then you’ve come to the right place. Sailing can be a great experience but it’s not without it’s drawbacks. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Pros of Sailing Holidays

  • Often seeing a country by sea makes far more sense than by land, especially if it’s a country made up of islands such as Croatia or Greece. You can actually see more of the country, and have the freedom to travel as far or as little as you wish.
  • No need to pack and unpack every night in a new hotel. The fact that your boat is your transport and your accommodation is just beyond convenient.
  • Travelling by boat is a lot more pleasant than spending hours in a sweaty coach or on a train. Out of all the methods of transport I’d rather be on top deck feeling the wind in my hair and the salt on my lips.
  • Travelling on a sailing boat means you’re with a great sized group. Whether it’s full of friends and family or perhaps you’re doing an organised trip with couples and solo travellers. Either way a sailing boat is the perfect sized group to both enjoy your freedom and mix with others.
  • Your skipper is your tour guide. And most skippers are great! Not only do you get transported around from island to island as you please, you have a personalised tour guide to show you around and answer your questions. If that’s not the ultimate way to travel in style, I don’t know what is.
  • Watersports within arm’s reach. Like, literally. Tie a paddle board to the back of the boat and hop on. And whilst we’re on the subject of water, wake up and fancy a swim? Nothing could be more convenient!
Pros and cons of sailing holidays

Cons of Sailing Holidays

  • If you get seasickness this could be a major problem. Yes there are coping strategies – sickness tablets and wristbands with pressure points – but ultimately sickness is going to make your experience far less enjoyable.
  • Limited space is a problem. No matter how big the yacht or catamaran is, you’re still going to be limited on space. This will affect what you can realistically bring and the space you’ve got to move around inside your cabin.
  • Limited water and electricity, most likely. Most small yachts only have power from batteries so being frugal is key.
  • Your trip can be heavily influenced by the weather. If conditions aren’t ok to sail in, you’re not going anywhere. This could leave you stranded for a while waiting for the weather to improve and could delay your trip.
  • Travelling long distances can be slow and boring. But this of course can be said for any kind of travel. Only, on a boat there is no escape, you can’t pull over and get off for a bit.

Should I Choose A Sailing Boat?

As with any kind of travelling there are ups and downs and elements to consider. So now that you’ve read the pros and cons of sailing holidays, what will you choose? And if you want to read about my personal experience with Sail Croatia, click here!