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Medsailors Saronic Route

Review of the Medsailors Saronic Route in Greece

So I have just returned from a week travelling on the Medsailors Saronic Route. And I can’t believe just how quickly the time went. A whole week? Really?

Just to give you an overview, I booked to go the 2nd week of September on a Premier yacht, which is actually their most budget option. Each day you travel to a different island where you will have free time, some suggested activities and some optional organised excursions.

You will leave Zea Marina, just outside of Athens in a town called Piraeus (sometimes spelt Pireas) and sail to Perdika on the island of Aegina, to Ermioni, with a optional stop at Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Epidavros on the mainland, Agistri and back to the port of Athens. The order of these visits might vary depending on weather and winds.

The Premier Yacht

When you book the Medsailors Saronic route you have the option of booking 3 different kinds of boat – the premier, the premier plus and the catamaran.

The boats sleep between 8 and 10 people so if you book as a solo traveller like I did, you will end up sharing a room. Which is fine, but the cabins are small, so be prepared to make friends fast! Our boat, the premier yacht, consisted of 5 cabins (bedrooms), 3 heads (bathrooms), a galley (kitchen) and a saloon (dining/recreational area). Then of course there is all the top deck space for sunbathing, eating, drinking, and of course, jumping into the mesmerising blue sea.

Although I stayed on the premier boat I did get to see the other options as well (both by making friends and climbing across them to the shore at port). The premier plus are generally newer but otherwise the same as the premier boats. The catamarans however, have far more outdoor space, including the net between the hulls for sunbathing. This extra outdoors space is great as you’ll be spending most of your time above deck, but you do sacrifice indoor space as the cabins are narrower and the galley and saloon areas are smaller, split somewhat awkwardly between the two hulls.

Medsailors boats

Medsailors Saronic Route – Day By Day

Day 1 – Piraeus to Perdika

This will be the longest sail of the trip so enjoy! This crossing takes approximately 4 hours, depending on the winds, so sit back, relax, and get to know your fellow sailors. When you arrive in Perdika you will have the chance for your first swim as the sun sets, followed by an amazing Greek mezze. This was my favourite meal of the whole trip. Greek salad, baked feta, saganaki, mussels, bread with tzatziki and taramasalata, orzo salad, potatoes, and just when you think it’s all over, they bring out the souvlaki – lamb, pork AND chicken! Oh and most importantly, the wine is included.

Day 2 – Ermioni and Hydra

After a swim stop and breakfast, another swim stop and lunch, you will have the opportunity to take a water taxi to Hydra. The Medsailors boats don’t stop there as the port is so small but the taxi is only €15 and this also includes the ferry to Ermioni at the end of the day where you will be reacquainted with your skipper. This excursion is optional but I’d highly recommend.

Hydra was absolutely beautiful and probably one of my favourite days. Hike up to the flag pole for a brilliant view of the town, swim into the cave between the two cocktail bars, or, since motorised vehicles are banned in Hydra, take a horse trek around the town. There’s of course plenty of bars, restaurants and luxury gift shops as well if you fancy a wander. Hydra was also my first taste of Greek gelato – try the pistachio!

Hydra Greece

When you get back to Ermioni Medsailors recommend a cocktail bar, which at sunset provides a great opportunity for photos. Then there is another Greek mezze in store (with more free wine!!) After dinner move on to Millennium bar. With an eclectic range of music and a proprietor who seems to think napkins are confetti, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

Ermioni sunset

Day 3 – Spetses

Day 3 has more exciting times in store as you visit the island of Spetses. If you want to explore the whole island there are numerous places to hire bicycles, e-bikes and mopeds. With a motorised vehicle you can explore the whole 28km of the island and visit the Bekiri’s cave on the opposite side of the island.

If you fancy taking it a bit easier then perhaps have a wander round the New Town. Spetses is home to so many cute alleyways and gorgeous quirky gift shops. There’s also an array of restaurants including The Clock and Master Wok, both situated in the main square. The Clock serves great burgers and pizzas and Master Wok is a fantastic Chinese restaurant.

Day 4 – Poros

Day 4 is certainly an active day as you’re off to Poros! Here you have the option to partake in some watersports. Whether you’re a complete danger mouse willing to try everything or quite anxious when it comes to the water there are options for everyone. Fancy something fun but relatively tame? Try the banana boat. You’ll stay upright until the very end and it’s not as fast as some of the others. Want something crazy fast and exhilarating? Give the biscuit a try (also known as tubing.) Then there’s parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, you name it! Prices start from just €10 so it’s also one of the more affordable activities offered. If you want to check out more then visit Askeli Water Sports Centre’s Facebook page.

Medsailors Saronic Route

Once you’ve finished your watersporting activities you’ll want to head back to the boat and freshen up quickly so you still have time to explore Poros in daylight. Hike up to the clock tower for an amazing view of the bay and on the way down try the Taverna Garden for some traditional Greek dishes. And if you’re in the mood for cocktails with sparklers afterwards check out Malibu down on the port!

Day 5 – Epidavros

Epidavros is on Greece’s mainland and what’s the biggest giveaway? You’ll suddenly notice the amount of cars after being away from them for such a long time! But despite the cars it’s still a relatively quiet, relaxing place.

I’ll admit I wasn’t 100% sure about the organised excursion to the amphitheatre. At €20 it seemed a little pricey and I already had a lot of ‘Greek stuff’ planned for my 3 days in Athens. But this was my chance – I wasn’t coming back to Epidavros. And I’m so glad I did this trip. This amphitheatre is the best preserved amphitheatre in the world. And it’s HUGE. I know that’s stating the obvious but the amphitheatre of Epidavros seats just under 15,000 people. As it is so well preserved it is still in use and during my visit a tour guide did a clapping demonstration to show how the acoustics worked. There’s a small museum and several other ruins as well.

Amphitheatre at Epidavros

This night is another evening of free time on the boat so we went to the restaurant recommended to us, To Perivoli tis Gogos. Here you sit underneath the bows of orange trees and can enjoy another traditional Greek experience. This really is a quaint, cute restaurant and I recommend ‘Grandmother’s meatballs’ from the menu.

Medsailors Saronic Route

(If you’re after some tips on what to eat in Greece check out my dedicated post here!)

Day 6 – Agistri

The last island in the Medsailors Saronic Route is my personal favourite. Agistri is home to the most beautiful beach I have ever laid eyes upon. They say a picture says a thousand words, right? So I might as well stop talking…

Medsailors Saronic Route

We rented push bikes from a little shop near the port and cycled a couple of kilometers to Skala, a beautiful town with quirky restaurants and cute cocktail bars. If you continue up the hill towards the back of the town there are a series of small roads which eventually come to a dead end. Lock up the bike and continue on foot along the cliff path. When you reach the end you’ll be greeted by a magnificent view. The climb down to the beach looks terrifyingly steep but it’s really not that bad. And be warned, this is a nudist beach. But it’s the most amazing location and is honestly the epitome of #wanderlust on Instagram. I had an overwhelming feeling swimming off that beach of ‘this is what paradise looks like’.

If cycling isn’t your thing then there are plenty of restaurants and bars on Agistri, including a couple with swimming pools if you’re after a more chilled vibe. One of these restaurants will later on be the location for the famous toga party.

Donning your bed sheet you will get to enjoy one final Greek mezze, with a slight twist. They call it the Greek take on a roast dinner. There is live music, Greek dancing and even some plate smashing! I had my reservations about the toga party, but actually, what better way to spend the last night with my fellow sailors than to get the drinks flowing and to dance around a swimming pool? Yammas!

Medsailors Saronic Route Summary

So would I book with Medsailors again? Yes. Definitely!

Sailing with Medsailors was a truly enjoyable experience. You really get the feeling that you’re being looked after and that all the crew are doing their absolute upmost to make sure you have the best holiday possible. Medsailors Saronic route was a good choice for me as there was plenty to do and see as well as lots of free time. I met so many like-minded people and loved seeing what Greece’s Saronic Islands had to offer.

Are you considering booking with Medsailors? Let me know in the comments!

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