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How To Make Friends Travelling Solo

How To Make Friends Travelling Alone

How to make friends travelling solo is often a big concern for those who haven’t done much in the way of independent travelling. Before I went on my first trip alone this was definitely something that played on my mind.

I live alone and am used to my own space and my own company. But the prospect of travelling across the continent was daunting. A part of me genuinely believed I might spend the best part of eight days pretty much by myself. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes I travelled to Croatia alone, but I was rarely without company.

Join An Organised Tour

If you’re looking for a way to travel solo but not alone then joining an organised tour is the answer. Tours are great for lots of other reasons as well, including safety and the fact an itinerary is organised for you. But for making friends tours are perfect because you will meet loads of like-minded individuals. Most companies are pretty good at matching up groups that want similar kinds of holidays. When I booked my most recent trip with MedSailors the website asked me what kind of holiday I was after. Whether I wanted lots of nightlife, lots of exploring, or a mixture of both. These kinds of questions allow companies to create groups of like-minded travellers.

On my first organised tour there weren’t necessarily loads of other single travellers but being part of a tour means you’re part of a community. You often eat meals together and mingle together in free time. People travelling as couples or in groups totally included all single travellers. If I wanted to hang out as part of the group I could, but at the same time had complete freedom. No one asked where I went if I disappeared for a few hours to go for a wander or spend some time reading. Tours are truly the best of both worlds.

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Talk To People

This definitely sounds like stating the obvious, but actually talk to people. Be the first to make an introduction. You might feel shy, you might feel overwhelmed. But they’re only people, like you and me.

One of the best times to strike up conversation is during travelling – plane journeys, train journeys, buses, coaches, you name it. If you’re sat in close proximity to someone for any length of time it’s the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation. Soon you’ll be asking where they’re from, how long they’ve been travelling, where they’re heading next, and who knows, you might end up meeting up again!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Strangers

On my first solo trip I found myself deposited at a bus station with absolutely no idea which direction my hotel was in. My phone wasn’t working so I wandered over the road and asked a waiter at a nearby cafe. He couldn’t have been more helpful. And this is pretty much the same across the board. Most people are nice. Most people will help you. And you might even find that you strike up a good conversation and get some other tips as well.

Get Involved In Excursions

Presumably you’re travelling because you want to see things, do things and have new experiences. If you’re wondering how to make friends travelling solo the answer is get involved. Excursions are group events and everyone is up for having a good time. On my recent trip to Croatia I went zip lining with a few members of our tour but also a few members of the public. By the end of our 5 hour day no one would have known we weren’t all part of the same group.

Travel With A Pack of Cards

This is the shortest and simplest tip I can give you. Travellers enjoy the simple pleasures. Books and cards come up top of this list. If you’re an owner of a set of cards people will gravitate towards you and want to get involved. Just make sure you’ve got some games up your sleeve and be prepared to teach others.

If you’re not afraid of getting involved, of talking to people, and have a pack of cards on you, you’ll never wonder how to make friends travelling solo again!