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How To Decide Where To Travel Next

Deciding Where To Travel Next

Deciding how to spend your hard earned cash and annual leave can be a difficult decision. With so many amazing places in the world to visit picking a short list that you can realistically fit into the standard 4 weeks holiday can be one hell of a challenge. So if you’re struggling, wondering how to decide where to travel next, I urge you to keep reading…

Be Inspired

With the Internet at our fingertips there’s no excuse not to be inspired. With Instagram and Pinterest apps just a touch away, there is a whole world of beautiful photos to explore. (Get the pun? Because this is a travel blog? Ok, it wasn’t great, I’ll try harder next time.) On Instagram this is one of the only times I search by hashtags. Try #travelphotography or #wanderlust and you’ll have a plethora of beautiful images in a millisecond.

Instagram is great for the initial inspiration but Pinterest will give you so much more detail. Pinterest is very visual as well obviously but it’s also a community bloggers use to share travel tips and travel guides. And once you start reading about a place and submersing yourself in a trip you’ll begin to picture yourself there. It’ll give you a good all round idea for an itinerary; a list of ‘hidden gems’ and ‘Instagrammable spots’ so you don’t miss a thing, or a chance to document it on the ‘gram. Got to get that money shot.

Venice in November: view of the Grand Canal

Ask As You Travel

Every day you meet new people, people who’ve been to places you have not. If you’re sat in the office wondering how to decide where to travel next ask your work colleagues where they would recommend. Ask your friends and family where they’ve been recently, and most importantly, ask as you travel. Those you meet travelling might have been in the area for a while, they might know of destinations not in the guide books, especially if you’re lucky enough to stumble across a travel blogger or freelancer. And don’t forget the locals. No one knows a destination better than the people who live there full time. Ask them, ‘what’s fun to do around here?’ ‘Is there anywhere I need to visit before I leave?’

What’s At The Top of Your Bucket List?

Most of us frequent travellers have a bucket list of must-visit destinations (which is usually added to quicker than you can tick them off). But either way, I find that’s always a good place to start.

Morbid maybe, but I always ask myself, if I died at the end of the year, what four or five places do I need to have visited first. This really puts your priorities in order. If you could only visit five places before you died as well chances are they would be quite varied trips to get the most out of your time. That’s how I think every year should be lived. So chances are I’d pick a European city, somewhere in the States, an adventure/activity like skiing in the Alps or hiking Matchu Picchu, a visit to one of the ‘great wonders of the world’ and somewhere that just makes reminds me of paradise. Granted, that’s a lot to pack into one year, but it gives you the short list you’re after.

Whatever kinds of getaways interest you make them varied. You’ll get the most out of your trips by trying new things and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone.

How To Decide Where To Travel Next

What Kind of Trip Are You After?

Deciding what kind of trip you’re after might narrow down your search for the perfect getaway. Perhaps you’re after something long haul, maybe there’s something specific you want to see, perhaps you’re looking for an adventure holiday or practicing a sport. Deciding what you’re hoping to get out of a trip brings you one step closer to booking it.

When Are You Looking To Go?

Depending on your work commitments time of year might be key to booking your trip. If you get to travel with work at all then make the most out of booking a couple of days onto the end of your trip. If you need to stick to school holidays then you might find yourself looking for deals so you’re not paying an arm and a leg. Which leads me onto my next point…

Diary for travel planning

What Is Your Budget?

Unfortunately we’re not all millionaires, so chances are you’re working to some kind of budget. Whatever budget you’ve got will have an impact on how long your trip is, your methods of transportation and the types of accommodation you’re looking at. It’s important not to let your trip be ruled by your budget, but you’ve got to be realistic as well.

Don’t Wait For Anyone

We’ve all made the classic mistake of waiting for friends who need to ‘check their annual leave allowance’ or try and find the cash from somewhere. The problem with depending on others is that you could spend forever waiting and waste precious time. If there’s something you really want to go or a trip looks just perfect for you, don’t miss out. Don’t be afraid to travel solo.

Some of my solo trips have been some of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Yes it can be a little daunting if you’ve not done it before but don’t let that stop you. (Want to read about my first trip travelling solo? Click here!)

How To Decide Your Next Destination

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question of course. We all have different methods of solving the predicament of ‘how to decide where to travel next’. Like most things in life, go with your gut. Visit the place that calls out to you. Make a beeline for that one destination you just can’t bear not to visit. In the end, after all, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Where are you heading this year? It’s your turn to inspire me! Drop me a message and let me know!

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How To Decide Where To Travel Next

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