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How Does Airbnb Work?

An Introduction to Airbnb

You’re trying to plan a trip but you need some accommodation. You’ve heard people mention Airbnb but have you ever wondered ‘how does Airbnb work?’ Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a website where you can search for places to stay, exactly as you would a hotel, but they’re people’s homes. You can search by location and number of guests, then apply all the necessary filters like budget and type of accommodation.

On the flip side, it’s also a place to advertise the let of your property for a little extra cash. You can choose what availability you allow so you might keep it on all year round as a holiday let or you could advertise it as available just when there are events happening near you that you could cash in on.

Is Airbnb Safe?

On any given night, 2 million people stay in homes on Airbnb in 100,000 cities all over the world. There are more than 6 million listings in 191 countries to choose from —that’s more than the top five hotel chains combined.


This snippet is taken from the Airbnb website where you can read all about the safety measures they enforce to protect both hosts and guests. But in short, both are put through a screening process when a new account is created. The website is secure and payment functionality has safeguarding measures in place as well, so you can ensure that your money is going to the right people and your personal details are safe.

Is Airbnb Cheaper Than A Hotel?

The short answer is yes. Research done worldwide shows that Airbnb significantly under cuts hotel prices in every continent on the globe. Of course, one of the main money-savers with Airbnb is that you can find large enough homes for all guests to stay under one roof. One large house is always going to be cheaper than booking say, eight hotel rooms. But on a small scale as well Airbnb can work out very cost effective with whole apartments available from just over £20 a night. Where would you find a hotel room for that kind of money?

Is Airbnb Profitable?

Airbnb earnings can range drastically depending on a multitude of factors. A nicely decorated Airbnb in the right location is a licence to print money. I once knew someone who rented out their house as an Airbnb for the four days of the Cheltenham races. He pocketed a grand, but he’s also lucky enough to own a lovely property in a brilliant location.

However, bookings, and therefore earnings, are not guaranteed. Just because your property is listed on the site does not mean you are certain to get enquiries. Like with anything, it can be difficult to get a new Airbnb off the ground without any reviews or feedback. It’s something that takes both effort and patience.

how does Airbnb work

Why Airbnb is Great

Staying in an Airbnb has so many positives. They really are a great alternative to a hotel or a bed and breakfast. To summarise –

  • They’re far more affordable than a lot of hotels – great for travelling on a budget
  • You’ll find houses to cater for any sized group so all can stay under one roof
  • You get to stay in some beautiful places – from modern apartments to quaint characterful houses, houseboats to moored yachts, and even a castle or two – the choice is yours
  • Having a host offers a personal touch, they’re usually quite willing to offer help and advice and suggest places to visit too
  • Searches on the site are completely customizable – if you’re looking for a property with a hot tub you can search for one!
  • Hosts don’t pay anything to list their properties and can set their own rates (though for each booking Airbnb takes 3% as a commission.

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