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Holiday Packing: What to Pack for Holidays

Holiday Packing – Where to Start

When the date is approaching and you still need to organise travel insurance, airport parking and exchanging your currency, holiday packing needs to be simple. Whether you’re going on a city break like my recent trip to Dubrovnik, whether you’re climbing Machu Picchu, travelling Asia for months or jetting off on a seaside getaway, I’ve got one piece of advice for you. Get organised. Make a list and break it down into sections. Or else you’re most likely to forget something crucial.

It’s important to prepare for all occasions, rain or shine. This was something I learnt the hard way, which is why I want to give you the heads up now.

The Basics

Ok, so you know you’re getting on a flight, so you need your passport and boarding pass. Some countries need you to have 6 months left before your passport expires so double check and if you need to, renew it. I always download the airline’s app on my phone. It’s super convenient and impossible to lose, just make sure your battery is charged. Also make sure you’ve got hotel reservation information and airport parking documents with you.

Which brings me onto electricals. Phone, charger, laptop, charger, razor, charger. Top tip – remember your chargers! Oh and plug adaptors.

Now for most of the important things – cash, credit cards, travel insurance documents, driving license. With these items in your bag you’ve already saved yourself from any possible disasters.

Holiday Packing

Clothes Packing

When packing clothes I like to work from the inside out. So, underwear, socks, tops, shirts, shorts, trousers, dresses and skirts. Take a waterproof jacket for the rain and hat for the sun. Comfortable walking shoes, shoes you can get wet, and maybe a pair of something a little smarter depending on your trip. Keep everything neutral, the last thing you want is to take a pair of shoes that only go with one outfit. (Girl problems)

Nightwear, swimwear, beach cover, beach towels. Sun screen and sunglasses.

Packing Medicines and Toiletries

Hopefully you won’t have any emergencies but you never know so better to be safe than sorry. Pack your usual first aid kit including some plasters, pain relief medication and I always keep a little bottle of hand sanitiser with me. Do you need any insect repellant or perhaps sea sickness tablets?

Chances are you can pack your usual toiletry bag but remember earplugs and a sleeping mask if you’ve got an overnight flight.

Packing for Several Months

If you’re travelling for an extended period of time then chances are you’re going to need some extra items. It’s probably worth organising your items into packing cubes too. Remember things like travel towels, clothes lines, washing powder, sleeping bag silk liner and a torch.

Holiday packing, what to pack for holidays

Packing Sports Equipment

This is a big one as ultimately it could double the amount of stuff you need to take. Is it easier to rent stuff when you’re away instead? This will entirely depend on the sport and how seriously you’re taking it. Here I’ll leave the ball in your court (get it?) But remember clothing as well as equipment and maybe additional items in your first aid kit would be a good idea. For large equipment you will also have to check it in as a separate hold baggage item, for which there will be an extra charge.

Get Organised Early

Holiday packing can be stressful, especially when left to the last minute. Get organised early and pack day by day. Think about the bags you’re packing in and remember the weight limits, sizes and costs used by your airline. Get organised and get travelling. Happy travelling.