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Greece Travel Guide

Travelling in Greece

Welcome to the ultimate Greece travel guide. If you’re planning a trip to Greece then chances are you might be doing some research into where to go, what to see and what you should be adding to your bucket list. So I’ve put together a little travel guide of everything you’ll need to know.





Best time to visit:

Spring & Autumn

Best time to visit: During the peak of summer Greece is extremely hot and over-run with tourists. If you can go slightly off-season you will benefit from a little extra quiet and some more manageable weather – 30 degrees maximum usually.

Safety: Greece is generally a very safe country. As a solo female traveller I felt extremely safe, even walking through Athens alone at night. Of course, like any busy city, be wary of pickpockets and the constant sales techniques used by retail and waiting staff. However, if you are visiting Athens it might be worth double checking whether there are any planned movements by political activists.

Tipping: 10% is the customary tip rate

Cash & ATMs: Greece is an extremely cash rich society. Many Greeks still get paid their wages and pay their taxes in cash so they prefer payments in cash.

Greece Highlights

Greece is a huge country with over 6,000 islands (though only 227 are inhabited). If you’re starting from Athens then I highly recommend paying a visit to some of the islands in the Saronic Gulf such as Hydra and Agistri.

Acropolis of Athens Parthenon
Medsailors Greece Saronic








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Greece FAQs

Is Greece safe for solo female travellers?

Greece is a very safe country. I am female and I travelled solo in Greece for just shy of 2 weeks. I went island hopping in the Saronic Gulf and I enjoyed a few days in Athens. In Athens, like in all capital cities, you ought to be wary of pickpockets in busy places, but other than that I felt as safe as I’ve ever felt, even walking home from dinner alone late at night. If you’re interested in reading in full about my experience travelling solo in Greece then check out my post!

What’s the best way to travel around Greece?

From my personal experience I’ve found the best way to see Greece is to do some island hopping. This may not suit everyone, especially if you suffer from seasickness, but island hopping on a sailing boat allows you to move from destination to destinations quickly and easily. Plus swim stops on a warm summer morning are so much fun! If you’re not sure island hopping is for your make sure to research the pros and cons of sailing holidays.

How long do I need in Greece?

Honestly that’s a really difficult questions to answer because it depends so much on how much you’re wanting to see. Greece has over 6,000 islands. Of course only 227 are those are inhabited but there’s so much to see you could spend your lifetime in Greece and not see it all. Realistically though, if you’re looking to see Athens and a few of the more well-known islands then I’d recommend a few weeks.  

What food should I eat in Greece?

Greece has some really great dishes. From meat and fish dishes to traditional Greek salads there is something for everyone. Why not try a Greek mezze so you can try lots of dishes all at once? Want a step by step guide of Greek food? Check out my post!

Where is the best area to stay in Athens?

If you’re visiting Athens you’re going to want to stay centrally so everything is within walking distance. Depending on the reason for your visit there are a couple of nice areas, including Plaka, Monastiraki and Syntagma. Check out the full post here for the best places to stay in Athens.

Is Greece good for family holidays?

The simple answer for this is YES. Greece has loads on offer for kids of all ages, making it a great destination for a family getaway.

What are the ‘must see’ places in Greece?

Greece has many ‘must see’ destinations. The most obvious is probably Athens but Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Crete and Corfu are also popular choices. But my personal favourite is Hydra!