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Croatia Travel Guide

Travelling in Croatia

Welcome to the ultimate Croatia travel guide. Before you embark on a trip to Croatia you’re going to need to know a few things. So whether you’re travelling in Croatia for days or months, we’ve outlined it all.


Croatian Kuna



Best time to visit:

Spring & Autumn

Currency: Croatian Kuna. Although Euros are also legal tender as well many places will not accept them.

Best time to visit: Off-season. Croatia gets very busy in the summer months so the best time to pay a visit is April to June and September to October.

Safety: Croatia is a very safe country. The crime rate is low and Croatians rely very heavily on their tourist industry, meaning most are very kind and will help you wherever possible. Like most crowded cities be aware of pick pockets and be respectful. There are very steep fines in place for inappropriate behaviour including drunken behaviour and nudity, especially in Dubrovnik and on Hvar.

The Financial Stuff:

Tipping: Like most European countries 10% is the customary tip rate.

Cash & ATMs: Croatia is a very cash rich society. They like payment by cash, especially anywhere outside a major city.

Croatia Highlights

Croatia is home to some amazing coastline, some beautiful old cities and quaint little islands. Whether you’re after wine-tasting, delicious food, hiking, sight-seeing or an exciting nightlife, there is something for everyone.

Places to visit in Croatia - Stiniva Beach

Top Destinations:

  • Vis
  • Hvar
  • Split

Croatia Top Picks:

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Croatia FAQs

Is Croatia safe for solo female travellers?

When I travelled to Croatia I travelled on my own. In fact, it was the first time I’d ever travelled solo. For this reason I was of course a little bit anxious, but I could not have felt more safe and more at ease as soon as I got to my destination. Croatia is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. I remember struggling to find my hostel and, without any data on my phone, stopped to ask a waiter for directions. He was so happy and pleasant and helpful that I felt I’d started the trip on a good foot. And it continued that way. I felt very safe in Croatia, even in the busy streets of Dubrovnik and Split.