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24 Hours in Dubrovnik

24 Hours Sightseeing in Dubrovnik

So you’re travelling around Croatia and you find yourself with only 24 hours in Dubrovnik. You need to see everything and do as much as you can. Well take a read and start planning your trip.

Breakfast in Dubrovnik

Croatians love a bakery. If you’re looking for breakfast in Dubrovnik then you’re sure to find something tasty in one of the many bakeries in the Old Town. You will find them all over the city but if you try one just off the main street it will most likely be cheaper.

Walking Tours

There are a number of walking tours you can do around Dubrovnik. Options include discovery tours, which take you to the Old Port, the Cathedral and Rector’s Palace, complete with commentary along the way. Certain options also include the city walls. Then there’s the Game of Thrones Tour, which shows you where different scenes were filmed and gives you an overview of the filming process. Tours range from £12 to £20 and get lots of good reviews on TripAdvisor.

24 Hours in Dubrovnik - church

Lunch in Dubrovnik

After all that walking you’re probably feeling quite hungry. It’s now time to find somewhere for lunch. And my recommendation is Dubravka, just outside the Old Town. The food is tasty and fairly priced and it’s got to have one of the best views of Dubrovnik’s city walls. If you’re a pizza fan go for the Dubravka pizza, it will not disappoint!

Pizza in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Cable Car

After all that food you probably don’t feel like walking too much further so why not take a trip up Mount Srđ in the cable car? From the top you will have a spectacular view of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and the Adriatic coast. Locals say that on a clear day you can see as far as 37 miles. At the top enjoy a visit to the Imperial Fortress and the War Museum inside. There is also a gift shop and a restaurant which promises a breath-taking view.

Buza Bar Dubrovnik

The sun is beginning to set and you’re thinking of your evening’s entertainment. If you’re looking to be sociable and have a few drinks you won’t find a bar in a better location. Buza Bar sits right on the cliff edge outside of the city walls. With the Adriatic stretching before you and music playing, Buza Bar has a great atmosphere. And it doesn’t close until 2 am every night of the week so you’ll be sure to have a long, enjoyable evening.

24 Hours in Dubrovnik – Completed

So your 24 hours in Dubrovnik is over, but you’ve had a chance to explore the city, see the city walls, taste the local cuisine, reach the top of Mount Srđ, and drink Grappa the way it’s meant to be drunk, with a view of the ocean.

24 Hours in Dubrovnik

If you’re continuing your travels after your 24 hours in Dubrovnik and want some inspiration then read my post all about places to visit in Croatia.