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24 Hours in Agistri

How to Spend 1 Day in Agistri

If you’ve got 24 hours in Agistri and are wondering how to spend your time you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re after an adventurous day or looking to spend the time relaxing, Agistri has it all. I visited Agistri as part of my tour with Medsailors in September but I would definitely go back. In fact, September was a brilliant month to visit. The majority of tourists are gone but the weather is still fabulous, so I’d recommend going in that early September window if you can.

Medsailors Agistri

Where is Agistri?

Agistri is a small Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, just an hour’s sail from Athens and 10 minutes from neighbouring island Aegina. Agistri is a very small island, measuring approximately 13.4kmĀ². There are beautiful, relatively secluded beaches all the way along the coast and magnificent views from the cliffs in between.

Cliff top view Agistri

Morning in Agistri

Why not spend the morning in Agistri taking a walk around Skala? There are plenty of pretty streets and beaches to explore. My favourite beach is at the far end of Skala, up behind the town and over the cliffs through a wooded area. It’s called Chalikiada and it is actually a nudist beach, but if that doesn’t bother you it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s slightly harder to get to as it involves a descent down a pretty steep cliff-face. But if you can brave that it’s the most idyllic beach I’ve ever been to. It’s not the most obvious beach to get to but if you’ve only got 24 hours in Agistri I recommend paying a visit.

24 Hours in Agistri

Lunch in Agistri

Agistri has an abundance of nice restaurants, so whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a hearty meal you will find plenty of choice. My top three suggested restaurants would be Quattro Beach Bar, Copa Cabana and Toxotis Restaurant. Greek food is one of my favourite cuisines in the world. If you’re wondering what to eat in Greece then check out my post on the best Greek dishes.

Bike Rental

If you’re looking to do a bit of exploring and want to travel some distance across the island there are a couple of places where you can rent bikes. Going further afield will allow you to visit different sides of the island, which will enable to you take part in other activities such as horse trekking.

Horse Riding in Aponisos

If you travel to Aponisos on the west side of the island you will find a ranch for horse trekking. You can travel either by bicycle or by bus and get off at the Aponisos beach stop. The horses are well cared for and there are different routes of varying length along the beautiful coastline and countryside. The company get great reviews on Trip Advisor and it’s a brilliant way to see the best of Agistri.

Kayaking Off the Coast of Agistri

If horse riding isn’t your thing perhaps you’d rather spend the afternoon kayaking your way along the coastline. Suitable for all ages and levels of experience you’re sure to have a blissful afternoon.

Swimming in Agistri

If you fancy a swim but you’re fed up of washing salt water out of your hair then why not try a dip in one of the hotel pools on the hill behind the port. These hotels have a pretty relaxed atmosphere so you can simply buy a drink and unwind on a sun lounger or take a dip in the pool. Also ,if you have been staying on a sailboat it’s also a great opportunity to use a real shower!

Medsailors Greece Saronic

An Evening of Dinner and Drinks

Once you’re showered and fresh from the afternoon head to Milos Hotel restaurant and dig into some great Greek cuisine. Order from a variety of meat, fish, salads and mezze dishes. After dinner check out Club Castle up behind the port. The view from the balcony is amazing as the port gets lit up at night. The drinks are slightly pricey but the music is good and it has a great vibe.

24 Hours in Agistri? Completed

Stroll home in the warm evening air knowing you have made the most out of your time in Agistri. A day well spent.

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24 Hours in Agistri